Safety Policy

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Thank-you for not smoking. Big Splash Waterpark is a non-smoking facility except outside our gates in designated areas

Food and Drink Restrictions. We welcome our guests bring a cooler with food snacks and non-alcoholic drinks. Alcohol beverages is NOT allowed as we are a licensed and have a bar inside our water park. Bags and coolers will be checked. Our Food and Beverage outlets: Big Splash Grill, Pizza, BV Bar and Candy Cafe will be available to cater your thirst and hunger. Want to BYO-BBQ? Rent one of our designated BYO-BBQ picnic tables, only available if booked ahead of time. We do not offer BBQ or rent BBQs.

General Park Policy

  1. Appropriate swimwear required. (No full body wetsuits, thong swimwear, street clothes or swimwear with metal objects as these may damage the waterslides).
  2. Each family is allowed to bring in a cooler of food/ non-alcoholic drink. Outside alcohol is NOT allowed. Bags and Cooler will be checked
  3. No intolerable or offensive language or behavior will be permitted on premises.
  4. No persons allowed in pools, hot tubs, or on slides with open wounds.
  5. Life jackets are required for small children and weak or non-swimmers.
  6. Alcohol may only be consumed within the enclosed bar/patio area. Do not over indulge in alcohol. Suggested maximum 2 drinks per adult. Do not use the slides if your ability is impaired through the use of alcohol.
  7. Pets are not allowed in the water park. Please do not leave pets inside vehicles for safety reasons.
  8. Big Splash Water Park is monitored by video surveillance. Management reserves the right to refuse admittance to anyone.
  9. Big Splash Water Park reserves the right to use any photography, video, and audio recording at these facilities, without written permission of park guests, to ensure the highest quality of service. We may use these for the purpose of promotional publications or other media materials.
  10. All drones (Unmanned Aerial Systems) are prohibited at Big Splash Waterpark, and any unauthorized drone(s) observed over Big Splash will be reported to Transportation Canada and local law enforcement, regardless of its point of origin or operation. Drones may pose a potential safety risk and may violate Transportation Canada Guidelines.
  11. The Waterpark reserves the right to close the park due to weather conditions for safety reasons at its sole discretion. We will make every effort to contact guests who have made bookings and offer to rebook another date. Check our Facebook page or website for the latest updates on operations.
  12. Parents must accompany children 12 years and under at all times to ensure their safety and to respect physical distancing protocols.

Procedural Policy

  1. Bags, and belongings may be checked upon entrance to the park.
  2. Management is not held responsible for loss of any personal belongings.
  3. In the event of lightning, we will shut down all the slides and require guests to remain out of the water until it is safe to return. Please follow all safety instructions by staff.
  4. In the event of a power outage, a systematic shut down of the park will occur.
  5. Procedures are in place for water testing & quality control. In the event of a safety concern, a pool shutdown may occur. Please inform staff if you have any concerns.
  6. In the event of a missing child, notify staff immediately.
  7. Pets are not allowed in our park and must not be locked in vehicles while parked in our lot.

Sliding Policy

  1. Rides are for single riders only, except any double tube rides.
  2. Riders must wait for the attendant’s start signal before starting the ride.
  3. All body slides must be ridden feet first, lying on back or in a sitting position.
  4. Keep arms and hands inside the flume at all times.
  5. Riders must not run, dive, stand, kneel, rotate or stop in the slide.
  6. Tubes must be ridden sitting only, facing forward, with one person per tube hole.
  7. No footwear allowed on the slides.
  8. Height and weight restrictions apply to many of the rides in the park due to manufacturer’s guidelines.
  9. At the end of the slide, riders must obey all instructions by pool attendants and exit quickly.
  10. There are inherent risks in water sliding (ex. drowning and collisions) – all guests use all park facilities at their own risk.
  11. Pregnant women and persons with heart conditions or back problems should not use the slides, due to manufacturer safety guidelines.
  12. All riders will respect physical distancing and safety protocols and follow directions of park staff.

Big Splash Water Park reserves the right to photograph, film, video tape, record, or otherwise reproduce the image and/or voice of any person who enters the park and use the images and/or voice on any promotional channels, be it electronic, print/digital or via the internet, without obtaining prior consent. Management reserves the right to refuse admittance and service to anyone. Management and staff will enforce the rules and park policies where they see fit. Anyone who does not follow slide rules or this park policy is in breach of conduct and may be asked to leave the premises. Big Splash Waterpark has a no refund policy. We will not refund admissions under any circumstances.


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